Frieda Lesser celebrates 100th Birthday

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Frieda Lesser (Ring) celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday, July 27. Frieda was born to John and Eva Ring who emigrated from Russia as Germans under Catherine the Great. She was born in Warden, Mont., and lived in Flushing most of her adult life. Frieda is the second and only survivor of seven children. She has two children, both from Flushing, Carl Lesser and Gloria Krupp (deceased) and mother-in-law of Ray Krupp. She has six grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren. Frieda enjoyed baking a special “Nana’s Birthday Cake” for all birthdays, for more than 50 years. She now resides at Rockwell Assisted Living in Fenton. Happy Birthday Frieda!


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