Rockwell Assisted Living offers the Mobility for Life Program™. To help our residents maintain their physical well-being and therefor, their maximum level of independence. This unique program is recognized by the State of Michigan for efforts to maintain maximal physical fitness levels in an assisted living setting.

These complementary classes are instructed by a trained health professional 1-2 times per week, offering a variety of seated and standing exercises depending on the residents’ needs. If at any time the class instructor detects a decline in a participant’s physical status, a referral is made to physical / occupational therapy to determine if more intense, one on one treatment is needed. In addition to the regular classes offered, routine screens are performed every 60 to 90 days to assess a resident’s functional status in depth, which may also suggest that physical / occupational therapy services are appropriate. Following therapy, the resident returns to the Mobility for Life™ program to help maintain the gains that were made while in skilled therapy.

The majority of our residents choose to make Rockwell their permanent home; however, we also offer short-term care while family caregivers are on vacation, while recovering from an acute illness or any other reason that regular care is required. Regardless of the length of the stay, all the necessary health care services are available to decrease pain and improve overall functional levels resulting in greater independence.